Skin Conditioning Lotions


Our spray-on skin conditioning lotions are our exclusive design! The blend of oils that we use help keep your skin soft and supple. You won’t believe the difference between everyday cream lotions and our skin conditioners! 4oz.

I truly believe that if you use goat milk soap exclusively then you are less likely to need lotions. But, one day a nurse asked me to make a lotion. Through talking with her I discovered she had to wash her hands in a sterile solution, all day, and it was damaging her skin. I had a light bulb moment, and that’s when I came up with our spray on lotions that are much better than cream based lotions. We use the best oils that naturally have properties that aid in detoxifying and repairing damaged skin! Add in the great moisturizing you get from the oils, and you’ve got a treatment for soothing, repairing and hydrating your skin. Our therapeutic blend is high in antioxidants to help heal your skin, detoxify your body and slow the aging process. In addition, the lotions can be used to heal cracked feet.


Our skin conditioners will save you money, as well. The lotion will last for a very long time, and these sprays can double as a spray-on massage oil.

Keep one in your purse and in the bathroom. Use them before & after a day at the beach, after the shower, at work, or during a dry cold day to help save your skin from cracking. Our customers use our lotions for everything from dry skin to eczema, psoriasis, and chemotherapy rashes. Men and women, that work outside love the skin conditioners to help protect their hands from the outside elements.


They are available in all of our scents, and if you are concerned about a scented spray-on clashing with your perfume or sensitivity to fragrances, don’t worry…we have an unscented!

If you have a favorite essential oil blend you can add your essential oils to the unscented lotion for a wonderful aromatherapy treatment.

Our spray-on lotions were specifically designed to help people that have to wash their hands repeatedly, but anyone that wants to keep their skin healthy and repair damaged skin cells, this is an excellent lotion.


Note: For eczema or psoriasis we recommend lavender & tea tree, the unscented or our special blend for skin issues.


Ingredients: Distilled water, rice bran oil, vitamin E, grape seed oil, and natural vegetable glycerin, fragrance or essential oils


Testimonial –

I’m in love with your lotion and I need more!
Thanks! It worked. Can’t wait to get it!!
I get so many compliments on the scent and I love the way it makes my skin feel!
You made my day! I tell all my friends where to get it.    ~ Brenda L.  Louisville, KY.


Bergamot & Marjoram, Cotton Blossom, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Jasmine Musk, Lavender Apple, Lavender & Tea Tree, Morning Glory & Honey Suckle, Unscented, Vanilla Lavender, Werewolf, Warm Spice


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