Partnership Opportunities

Add Birkat Naturals to Your Store!

Our therapeutic essential oils, aromatherapy, skin care and Nature First Bug Off products make excellent additions to the aromatherapy section of your store.

Contact us at **@bi************.com or call 812-219-9810



Handcrafted Small-Batch Goat Milk Soaps!

We handcraft all of our soap in small batches, and all but two of our soaps are made with goat’s milk. Our soaps include bars, liquid hand soap, and body washes. The two that do not include goat’s milk are our exfoliating facial cleanser and our liquid laundry soaps.


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Education and Direct Line Support

We provide you and your employees with education on the natural items, you select to carry, to help them understand how to recommend our products that will be best suited to your customers’ needs.

We will also provide in-store workshops for your customers. These workshops alone increase your essential oil sales exponentially.

The best, you will have direct access to an on staff aromatherapist that can answer your questions!

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