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Laundry Soap – Liquid


Our 18 oz. bottle of Handmade All Natural Liquid Laundry Soap will do 18-36 loads of laundry!

Our all natural liquid laundry soap is great for skin that is sensitive to the chemical additives found in commercial soaps. This makes our laundry soap perfect for baby cloths, diapers, or anyone that has skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis, or just wants a natural alternative to commercial detergents.

I have tested our laundry soap on lots of loads! Each load comes out very clean and fresh. All of our towels are fluffier than ever and our clothing is soft and clean. I love our new laundry detergent. You will too!

I also like to add 2 drops of our Thyreos essential oil blend to each load of linens and under clothes. The Thyreos kills bacterial and viral germs. Of course so does hot water, but I like the extra peace of mind I get when adding the Thyreos.

Optical Brighteners: There are no OB’s in our natural laundry soap, click here to find out why.

Directions: Regular washers add 2 Tbs. to washer tub, 1 Tbs. for high efficiency machines. Add laundry and wash normally. To pre-treat stains, wet the stain, use a small amount of detergent, rub lightly for delicate fabrics and more vigorously for durable fabrics. For particularly dirty loads use 3 Tbs. for regular washers and 2 Tbs. for high efficiency.

Note: The laundry soap will not suds like commercial laundry detergents, so do not be concerned and add more soap; this is normal.

** There is no trouble with septic systems since there are no additives in our detergent.

Ingredients: Distilled water and saponified coconut oil. Orange or lavender essential oils.




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