Hand Soap


Our Goat Milk Hand Soap in an 8 oz. counter top pump bottle.

If you have any kind of dry skin issues from just mildly dry skin to cracked parched deserts even ashy skin, psoriasis and eczema, our handcrafted liquid goat milk hand soap is incredibly healing! My hands used to crack and bleed every winter. One day I was working at the computer and noticed that my hands were not cracked and bleeding. I asked my husband if he put a humidifier in the house and he said no. That’s when I realized how awesome the goat milk soap recipe, my husband developed, really was. Every other recipe in our product line is mine, but the goat milk soap is all his and he did a great job!


You don’t just wash your hands in the bathroom, so get a bottle for every sink in the house! 


We do not use any filler oils such as vegetable, canola, or soybean oils.



Distilled Water, Goat Milk, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil


Morning Glory & Honeysuckle, Unscented


16oz. Refill, 8oz Bottle


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