Goat Milk Body Wash


Our Goat Milk Soap in a silky body wash. This body wash will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and if you have troubles with winter skin, this body wash will heal cracked feet, hands, and legs. You will love how it heals your skin and you will see and feel the difference!

After showering with our body wash you will not believe how soft and supple your skin feels. You will have a hard time not reaching to feel your face to see if really is as supple as you think it is, and it is! It’s great to have an all natural and thick body wash ready for the shower.


It is comforting to know that my family is bathing with our all natural homemade soap.

Our goat milk body wash is thick and rich, and will leave your skin feeling beautiful. It took us over a year to get our recipe exactly right. When we thought we had it and it couldn’t get any better, Dennis went and changed the recipe. I said, “Why did you change it? It was perfect.”, and he said, “Just try it and see what you think.” So, I agreed, and I could not believe the difference! What I thought was perfect, and had already changed my problem skin, did get better. I couldn’t believe it. So, kuddos to my dear husband for stepping out and continuing to improve our soap. However, I think that’s it. We are completely satisfied and you know what they say…”good things come to those who wait”, “patience is a virtue”, “nothing ventured nothing gained”…..pick one!


Our liquid goat milk soap is wonderful for your skin. I have eczema and really dry skin, well except when it comes to my face, but that’s another story and another product. However, I believe in our soap and believe that there is none better, so I’m going to give you my personal testimony.

In the winter of 2011, I asked Dennis if he installed a humidifier in the house, and he asked, “No, why?”, and I told him that my hands were not dry and cracked. I didn’t think too deeply about this, but gave it a good Hmmmmm.


I used to buy an expensive lotion, $20 for a 12oz bottle, that I found in Gatlinburg. It was the only product that helped with my skin problems, but I realize now, that the lotion never fixed the problem, it only treated it temporarily. I noticed that I only had a half bottle left of the lotion, so knowing that our family was going back down to Gatlingurg in a few weeks, I made a mental note to pick up another bottle while we were there. Well, I did pick up that lotion and 6 months later, I was walking by the lotion and realized that I still had that half bottle and the full bottle.

Duh! Great big light bulb. The soap had healed my skin problems. Not temporarily, but for as long as I use our soap. I never use lotions anymore, but if I had to, I would use our spray-on skin conditioning lotions. I know going back to commercial soaps would cause the same skin problems because commercial soaps are really just a bunch of synthetic chemicals formulated to clean our bodies, but in doing so they strip our skin of their natural protective layers,
thus causing bothersome skin problems.

And for the guys…Dennis used to file his hands with a steel file, and since he has been using our liquid soap he no longer has deep rough calluses or pieces of skin around the tips of his fingers!


We do not use any filler oils such as vegetable, canola, or soybean oils. Really our soaps could be considered luxury soap since the oils we use are so rich and nourishing for your body.


Distilled Water, Goat Milk, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil


Morning Glory & Honeysuckle, Unscented


16oz. Bottle, 32oz. Refill


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